BIOSTATNET - National Biostatistics Network

The general objectives of the National Network of Biostatistics are:

  • Promote biostatistical research in Spain and facilitate the collaboration among the nodes of the network
  • Propose effective forms of organisation to create sinergies between national biostatisticians
  • Increase the interaction between groups to allow joint proposals with research groups from other countries
  • Create new links with researchers from Portugal and Latin America
  • Promote the professional development of those who are still in a learning stage
  • Find a common framework for the integral professional development of future biostatisticians
  • Increase  the relevance of the biostatistical groups
  • Propose the creation of consulting teams for the assessment of biostatistical topics
  • Coordinate actions with the Spanish Society of Biometry
  • Promote biostatistics in secondary education, in companies – mainly pharmaceuticals-, public sector organisations and universities.

Expertise: Biostatistics, bioinformatics, survival analysis, optimal design of experiments, advanced statistical modeling, time series, longitudinal data, estimation methods for ROC curves, mixed models, inference in generalized additive models, Multi-State Models, exact and asymptotic methods for the analysis of contingency tables, models based on P-Splines for spatiotemporal data, estimation and prediction in small areas, nonparametric techniques, quality of life related to health, epidemiological, pharmacological and environmental considerations.

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