33/5000 Visit of Professor Tim Robinson

From May 15 until the end of June will be with us Professor Tim Robinson. On June 16, will give a talk at the seminar of the department and from 19 to 23 give a course at the summer school of MESIO.

Tim Robinson is a professor at the Statistics Dept. University of Wyoming. He got his B.S. in mathematics and Psychology from James Madison University in 1989 and his M.a. and PhD Degrees in Statistics from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1994 and 1997 respectively. Main research interests and areas of expertise are: Design of Experiments, Response Surface methodology, robust parameter design, Categorical Data Analysis, optimal design for multiple objective problems, ecological modeling, sampling design for trend assessment, applied mixed models statistics education, data science, and sampling design and applications in engineering, medicine and the environment.

If anyone is interested in talking with him, please contact Professor Xavier Tort.